Little Munchkin!

A Diary of Katie and Shane's second love child coming to a living room near you ~July 23, 2001


Whats happening this week (07/21/01):
40 wks gestation 42 wks LMP
Length: 22 inches head to toe.
Weight: 11 lbs.
These are actually just my guesses.
The baby is late now. We are ready!

Little Munchkin at 22 weeks
This was taken at 22 weeks. If you look closely, you can see the face and arms.

Little Munchkin at 10 weeks
This one is from 10 weeks

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~ 07.23.01 - OK, I admit I am a slacker. The baby is due today, but there arn't any signs yet. Katie has an appointment tomorrow and I promise to give an update then.

~ 05.16.01 - Well I am still not updating this very often. I have been very busy with my new job, and everything is going along very smoothly. We have some possible names selected:

Boy Girl
Tylar Kayla
Yep just one boy name so far. Of the girl names, Kayla is new, but the other for we had picked out in case Kyle wasn't a Kyle.

~ 01.30.01 - I haven't been updating this site becuase we havn't told everyone yet, and the link wasn't there from the main page.
Katie went to another visit to Margan. Everything looks good so far. Katie was able to hear the heart beat. Next time I will try to bring in a tape recorder to get a sample.
Katie has had more morning sickness this time. Some people think that means it will be a girl. You never know. But she is feeling better now (first tri-mester is over!)

~ 12.26.00 - We just got back from our visit with Margan, Katies midwife, and got the ultrasound you see. The ultrasound was unexpected surprise. Again we are very excited and can't wait for those midnight feedings.

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